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ZPDT RELEASE 1. 10 Driver 55.04

Home / Downloads / IBM zPDT Software Updates / ZPDT RELEASE 1. 10 Driver 55.04



zPDT Software Update, release date March 9th, 2020
This Driver release of GA-10 (55.04) includes the following updates:

New Function

  • CFCC Prod Rel 24.00 Service Level 00.14
  • Crypto Express 7s level, CCA version 7.0 from previous level CCA version 5.4.
    • The format of the master keys differs from earlier versions and zPDT will not convert the older form to the newer form. You must initialize the new crypto adapter level with the same master keys previously used if you need to access previously encrypted data.
  • Z15 Architecture support
    • MSA9 is not implemented at this time.
    • The zPDT GA10 initial release has a special consideration, as described as follows:
      • A normal IBM z15 system provides a “DEFLATE” function in two ways: as a simple instruction and as an asynchronous function.
      • A normal IBM z15 system does not support the zEDC adapter.
      • The zPDT GA10 release does not provide either DEFLATE operation.
      • The zPDT GA10 release does support the zEDC adapter, as was present in the zPDT GA9 release.
      • For your information, zPDT does intend to support DEFLATE in a future fixpack.

Fixed in this release

  • safenet_daemons_restart command was not scheduled in cron on Ubuntu.
  • Fix for CKD locate record erase opcode.

The previous release of GA-9 (53.05.01) included the following updates:

      • Updated sntl-sud and zpdt-shk-server debian packages to not use  /usr/lib/systemd/system directory
      • The correct location for ubuntu is /lib/systemd/system. For RHEL and SLES it is /usr/lib/systemd/system.
      • Fixed issue where serverconfig_cli coredumps if new rules.ini is too long.
      • zEDC (zEnterprise Data Compression
      • Performance (JIT compiler update)
      • Channel Measurement Facility
      • Tape Mount CCW’s
      • Updated Crypto Simulator (5.4)
      • CFCC Level 23
      • The adstop and storestop commands have been removed.
      • Update aws_sysctl to shmall and shmmax because machines now have larger memory
      • On Ubuntu Linux Z1090/Z1091_token update fails due to location of system awk binary
      • OSA device address 0000 always terminates on zPDT start-up.
      • Clientconfig_cli not working if host contains both dash and numbers.
      • zVM VSWITCH in layer 2 does not work on zVM.


If installed on a clean machine (with no Safenet rpms previously installed or Safenet rpms removed and then machine rebooted), users will be able to obtain licenses right after installation. If installed on a machine that has a previous z1090 installed, A machine reboot will be required after the installation. Once machine is back up, users will be able to obtain licenses. Failure to reboot will prevent obtaining licensing with a return code of 304 – “license not available”

This release will install over any exiting zpdt driver already installed. And any other driver will install over this release. But if you re-install an older release, the Safenet rpms will go back to the bad versions and you will not obtain licenses. For downloaded zip file:

      • Unzip the downloaded release file
      • Review the Readme file (.html & .pdf) for full information and instructions
      • FTP or otherwise transfer the install file (z1090-1-10.55.04.x86_64 in the /linux directory) to your zPDT
        system in the /tmp directory
      • Switch to root (UID 0) mode: su –
      • Change to the /tmp directory: cd /tmp
      • Make the program file executable: chmod 775 z1090-1-10.55.04.x86_64
      • Execute the z1090 installer program: ./z1090-1-10.55.04.x86_64
      • You will have to scroll through the license agreement then accept it. The installation should then

For CDROM or .iso distributions:

      • Burn the .iso image onto a CD as an “image”. The resulting CD should have multiple files and directories on it.
      • See the instructions in the CD Readme file (.html and .pdf) on the CD for full information
      • Copy the z1090 file to your /tmp directory:

cp /run/media/ibmsys1/zPDT_55.04/linux/z1090* /tmp (1 See note below regarding path to the CD)

      • Switch to root (UID 0) mode: su –
      • Change to the /tmp directory: cd /tmp
      • Make the program file executable: chmod 775 z1090-1-10.55.04.x86_64
      • Execute the z1090 installer program:   ./z1090-1-
      • You will have to scroll through the license agreement then accept it. The installation should then complete.


1 Different releases of Linux may automatically mount the CD at a different mount point than shown here. You may have to determine the correct path to the install file.

If you applied any IBM supplied zPDT patches to your installed system you will need to remove them before you can install this new release. Check the documentation that came with the patches for specific removal instructions.

You should test your system to verify that it is functioning properly. The zPDT release level is displayed as one of the messages early in the initialization process. It should report release 55.04.

Review the External Release Letter carefully; there are significant changes.

There are also release specific installation instructions in the External Release Letter and general installation instructions in Chapter 5 of the zPDT Guide and Reference Redbook, (SG248205) version 5.